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MAXI PACK “Paper people”

21 113020
MAXI PACK “Paper people”

21 113020
31.61€ Ex VAT
Incl. Tax 38.88€
Incl. Tax 38.88€


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Communities special!
Composition : 20 sheets of 51 x 76 cm tissue paper, 100 sheets of A5 coloured paper, 24 sheets of 22.5 x 30.5 cm coloured paper, 10 sheets of 15.5 x 23 cm felt, 200 eyes (various sizes), 150 foam shapes, 6 decorative strands of hair, 100 wooden sticks, 100 buttons and sequins (various shapes).
Technical data
  • Color : Colour MULTICOLOURED
  • Delivery : Supplied in a cardboard storage box.
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  • Choose your weight:
    from 65 to 90g: lightweight paper for printing
    less than 130 g: lightweight paper, easy to fold, to crinkle,and to cut and suitable for all types of "dry" drawing techniques: coloured pencils, charcoal pencils, pastel, markers etc.
    More than 130 g: paper suitable for all dry (colouring) or damp techniques: paint, ink... They do not curl up on contact with water and so can be used to build solid volumes.