MODELLING CLAY Granite structure

MODELLING CLAY Granite structure

20 452006
  • Made in Europe
+ 5 years
for use under adult supervision
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Self-hardening clay is modelling clay which dries in the open air so you can keep your creations.

Perfect for modelling, decorating or covering, this modelling clay has a granular feel, identical to stone. Ready to use, and dries in the air.

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  • Mineral base.
    Granite effect.

Technical data

  • Dimensions
    Weight: 800 g.

Specialist's opinion

What the expert says: Alexandre, Specialist Teacher
I use modelling clay with the children to work on their imagination, stimulate their fine motor skills, and observe their ability to make precise movements. (How they use their hands and fingers to pick up, pinch, roll and squash etc.). It’s a tool which is always a real success and can be used by everyone. Children love kneading it, modelling with it, creating objects and playing with the colours. Usually I start by letting the children take the clay, feel the texture, and create shapes without any specific instructions. Later on, it’s possible to guide them on how to make a ball shape, or mix colours, cut the clay etc. Soft, malleable and non-toxic, children love it and for them kneading it is a way of releasing stress.

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