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To organize a party at the daycare, school, or simply for a child's birthday, Wesco offers a selection of activities, party games, decorations, and face painting. A wide range is available to bring all your party ideas and themes to life and ensure a delightful time for the children. Balloons, bunting, birthday candles—let the celebration begin!

The Face Painting Workshop: An Essential Idea for Birthdays and Celebrations!

For carnivals, school parties, or birthday celebrations at home, a face painting workshop is always a great idea for both the young and the young at heart. Those with more experience can showcase their makeup skills directly on the kids' faces. And for the less daring, face painting stencils can provide a helpful hand for a flawless result. Fairies, knights, animals, and other magical creatures will come to life before your eyes and can complement perfectly with our selection of children's costumes. To cater to all makeup preferences for the face or body, there are various forms: sticks, paint tubes, pencils, or markers. The latter are particularly useful for creating small drawings and precise details. When applying a color to the entire face, it's advisable to use makeup palettes with makeup sponges. Primary colors, fluorescent hues, metallic shades, glitter gels, or tattoos are available on our website to create the most beautiful face paintings during children's parties! Children's skin is delicate and still developing. To protect it from potential allergic reactions, it is recommended to use makeup products specially formulated and tested for children, and possibly perform a preliminary test on a small skin area. At Wesco, we rigorously select makeup items. Our makeup products are guaranteed to be fragrance-free, paraben-free, and free from MCIT and MIT, and can be easily removed with soapy water.

Customization of Masks: Unleash Children's Imagination!

When it comes to carnival, it means masks for children! They come in cardboard, wood, plastic, paper, or foam. Children's masks are often meant to be personalized using paint, paper collages, stickers, glitter, and more. It's an excellent creative activity that allows each child to express their tastes and ideas, unleash their imagination, and practice fine motor skills. On, we offer kits with multiple masks to customize—consider this as an activity to animate a child's birthday. After customization, children will engage in role-playing and invent the wildest stories.

Birthday Decoration: Elements for a Celebration Reflecting Each Child!

A lovely birthday party also involves careful decoration. Each child is different, and it's important to offer a celebration that reflects their personality and tastes. On, you'll find decorative elements such as bunting, latex balloons, modeling balloons, number and letter balloons, LED candles, and fairy lights. For the birthday cake, we offer a varied set of letter candles, number candles, magic candles, as well as a selection of creative kitchen tools (cake molds, cookie cutters, etc.). For guest gifts or simply to offer some birthday candies, discover a complete selection of paper bags and kraft bags in different sizes. Good to know for school parties, some bag and sachet references are available in large quantities.

Outdoor Games for Parties!

What would a children's party be without outdoor games? For a birthday at home or a school party, explore our selection of outdoor games that encourage gross motor skills, cooperation, and fun among children. To withstand weather conditions and repeated outdoor use, outdoor games are made with sturdy materials such as wood, metal, outdoor fabrics, or plastic. Outdoor party games include throwing games (knockdown cans, petanque), balance games (stilts), precision games (fishing), speed games (sack race), and strategy games (Finnish skittles, Breton shuffle

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