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Toys and role play for inventing a world and acting like grown-ups.

Dressing up, cooking, playing shopkeeper, or going on adventures with toy cars are among the role play activities that are particularly important for a child's development. By observing everyday life scenes and replicating them on their scale, young children learn through experimentation and repeating gestures. Beyond imitating their parents or the adults around them, the child practices fine motor skills, enhances their ability to construct scenarios of daily life, and develops their imagination and wildest dreams. Role play is essential in a child's development and awakening, as it also plays a role in communicating with the child and helping them manage their emotions. Finally, through role play activites , young children develop psycho-emotional skills such as empathy, altruism, and kindness, enabling them to grow with confidence. By imitating reality, role play allows children to invent new stories and new worlds.

Wooden kitchens, play food sets, and toy shops: essential accessories for role play and imagination.

Play food sets and kitchens are among the most well-known role play activities that promote independence. They allow children to replicate a key moment of their day, such as preparing a meal at home, in their own way. Similarly, playing shopkeeper helps the child enhance their vocabulary and construct increasingly complete sentences. Wooden kitchens are particularly loved by children under six years old . In this phase, children have a need to give meaning to objects, classify them, and arrange them in a precise manner to structure their thinking. Thus, organizing the food and the kitchen items has genuine educational value for a child's development. Wooden kitchens and toy shops are made from wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. They come in various sizes to suit different age groups and are highly resistant to everyday use. Fabric kitchens are offered to children from 12 months of age. Extremely lightweight and safe for young children, fabric kitchens are guaranteed free from azoic dyes to preserve health. Plastic kitchens offer an alternative to wooden or fabric . They are advantageous due to their sturdiness, lightness, and easy cleaning. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Fabric play food and kitchen utensils are suitable for younger children as they don't make noise, especially when they fall to the ground. The fabric is sewn, embroidered, or screen-printed to ensure maximum safety for children (nothing can detach). Plastic food and kitchen sets have the advantage of being more realistic, allowing children to expand their vocabulary and practice fine motor skills, such as using a spoon.

Garages, race tracks, and toy cars to stimulate children's imagination.

Garages, race tracks, toy cars, and other vehicles are popular role play activities among children. They enable children to use their imagination , exercise their fine motor skills by rolling the vehicles, and this contributes to the development of spatial and temporal awareness. Small and colorful vehicles are particularly well-suited for babies. They allow them to explore specific shapes and are easily transfered from one hand to another, promoting fine motor skills development. Race track sets encourage the construction of realistic scenarios, where the goal is to reach a final destination by racing, for example.

Dolls, an essential role play toy for a child's development.

Dolls serve as markers and figures of attachment for children. By taking care of a doll, a child replicates everyday life scenes. Doll play allows children to develop kindness, empathy, and open-mindedness. When dressing a doll, a child exercises their fine motor skills and incorporates daily instructions (putting on pajamas for sleep, wearing warm clothes when it's cold outside, etc.). Through role play, children become more independent. Dolls also assist children in growing up and overcoming certain life stages: for example, it can be easier for a child to accept the arrival of a younger sibling by playing as a mom or dad with their new doll. Furthermore, certain dolls can help children address topics like differences, disabilities, emotions, to promote a more respectful and inclusive society.

Create unforgettable stories with our children's costumes!

Perfect for role-playing, costumes allow children to create their own stories from a very young age. When dressing up, a child takes on a role, brings a character to life, and has no limits to their imagination. Costumes enable children to develop their personality, creativity, and express their preferences for various worlds and themes, such as firefighters, superheroes, or fairy realms. Beyond imaginative play, costumes also contribute to a child's autonomy as they learn to dress themselves independently. By adding accessories to their costumes, children can construct complete scenarios and nourish their creative minds, turning playtime into exciting adventures and journeys into the unknown. With our selection of costumes, the possibilities are endless, and the memories made will be cherished forever. So let your child's imagination run wild, and watch as they weave captivating tales in a world of their own making!

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