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 My order

Payment methods

  • By credit card (account debited upon dispatch)
  • By transfert
  • By Paypal

A problem to order

Printing an order form

Click on this link to download the pdf of the order form to fill out.

Advice when receiving packages

Merchandise travels at the recipient’s risks and liability, even if sent carriage-free.

On the day of delivery, read the packing slip and check the number and condition of the parcels in the carrier’s presence.

  1. If you observe a problem on delivery, report this immediately on the carrier’s delivery slip with the comment “damaged parcels” or “missing parcels”.
  2. On the receipt, write your full name, date and sign it, and if you have company stamp, stamp it.
  3. If you observe any damage, you have a period of 72 hours (Article L133-3 of the French Commercial Code) to file a complaint with the carrier.
    A copy of the claim must also be sent for information to our customer service department :
    WESCO Ireland After-Sales service - 11 Calbro House, Tuam Rd., H91RW56 Galway

CAUTION: The comment “subject to unpacking” does not provide ANY recourse against the carrier.
No claims (missing or damaged parcels) will be considered if this procedure is not observed.

My delivery

Track my order

Indicate your order number on our Order Tracking page

Delivery delay

Depending on the availability of your items:

  • PFor a product in stock, your delivery will be within 7 to 10 working days
  • If some items are not in stock, your order will be sent in several installments as the items become available.
    We will notify you of the delivery date of your order, at the Delivery stage.

Delivery charges

  • € 4.88 before VAT.

Delivery charges are free for orders of €250 and more, on website only.

Delivery to another address

On the Delivery page on the ordering process, choose “delivery to another address/ New address” and fill in the information sheet.

My returns and refunds

Make a return

If you are disappointed with an item, you have 20 days following receipt to inform us
To do so, please follow the below steps :

  1. Log onto your account
    In your customer account, go to "My online orders" section. Choose the relevant order nr and click onto "See".
    At the bottom of the order summary, click onto “Return a product”.
  2. Please complete the form
    Please complete this form where you will be able to indicate the product and the quantity to return, and the reasons for this return. You will also indicate your instructions regarding your choice on a refund or a credit note. Once this form is filled, click onto “Validate” to confirm your request.
  3. Send the product back
    If this is Wesco's responsability (damaged or defective items, or not corresponding to your order), our after sale division will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your return has been taken over by Wesco.
    If the return is due to personal convenience, If the return is due to personal convenience, you have to return the products according to the indicated conditions.
    You can print the pre-filled return form and insert it in your parcel.
  4. Return follow-up
    You can follow the progress of your request in the “Product return” section of your customer account.


Your refund or exchange will be made (subject to availability of the item) within 30 days of receipt of the item in new condition. The refund will be made with the same payment method used during your purchase.

Did you pay for your order with PayPal?
If you have enabled the free Return Shipping Refunded service before your purchase, PayPal will reimburse you up to € 30 on your return shipping costs for up to 12 eligible PayPal purchases worldwide. See detailed conditions. Access the reimbursement request page.

Contact the after-sales service

My account

Activate my customer account

Click on « Create your account »

In the « You are already a WESCO customer » section, enter your AA customer number followed by 6 digits, then « your postal code ». Click « OK » to retrieve your postal information.

Complete the fields « email address » and « password » to finalise the creation of your WEB account.

Get my AA customer number

Your customer number is indicated:

  • on your invoices
  • on the order confirmation
  • on the dispatch email for your order

Forgot your password

To receive a new password, click onto « Forgot your password ».

Protection of my personal data

Read the Personal data page.

My quotation

Create a quote

On the "My Basket" page, click on the "REQUEST A QUOTE" link, or type your product reference on the Order with reference page.

Promotional codes are not permitted when accepting a quote.

Mon club Avantages

Les clubs Avantages

Retrouvez le détail des clubs sur la page « Clubs Avantages Wesco ».

My vouchers, discount codes, e-gift card

Discount codes

A discount code must be indicated on the "My basket" page in the "Discount code" box.

Remember to check:

  • the conditions of application of the offer (eg: except Creative hobbies, books, etc.)
  • the validity date of the offer - the site to which the offer applies
  • the site to which the offer applies
  • if the code is valid only once and that you have already used it in a previous order.
  • Promotional codes are not permitted when accepting a quote.


A limited-time voucher can be issued free of charge by the company Wesco during one-off events.
The voucher code must be entered on the basket page of the site
Find all the conditions of use of vouchers in our general conditions.

Offer an e-gift card

Find the details of the use on « Wesco e-gift card » page.

Use an e-gift card

Your e-gift card can be used in several installments directly on just enter the unique code of your e-gift card when validating your basket.

Purchase advice

Product advice

Contact us by email or phone on 091 860893 / 091 860822

Browse the catalog

You can browse all of our catalogues and brochures on the « Our catalogues » page.


Order quickly with a csv file

On the "Order with reference" page, you can enter the references one by one, or integrate all of your references by downloading a .csv file (only 2 columns: reference and quantity).

If you have an Excel file, you need to transform it into .csv format. To do this, you must save your document by clicking File > Save As. Then click Browse to choose where to save your file. Select “CSV” from the “Save as type” drop-down menu.

You can then return to the "Order with reference page" and click on “Upload my file”.

Wesco offers and news

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You can stop the newsletter service at any moment.

Alert fraudulent sites

Fraudulent sites impersonating elements of our brand identity have multiplied in recent months. Their goal: lure you with Wesco products at heavily discounted prices and defraud you financially. Because particularly attractive prices are not always synonymous with good deals, be careful!

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