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Building games for all ages

Stacking bricks to build the tallest tower, assembling pieces to form houses, characters or vehicles... building sets offer a multitude of possibilities, the only limit of which is the imagination of children. Encourage their creativity and skill with our range of games: stacking bricks, clip-on, snap-on or screw-on games, magnetic games, marble circuits, giant constructions... Many hours of play in perspective! With simple, fun, colourful games made up of large pieces, babies from 10 or 12 months will discover the principle of construction and have fun while learning. They will test their balance with the building blocks, stacking towers, pyramids, or giant bricks from 18 months or 2 years. Handling is made easier with elements adapted to their size such as giant clip-on beads. They will be able to assemble and separate the pieces on their own and build taller and taller buildings. As they grow older, construction games, made of wood or cardboard, become more complex for children, and help to work on their imagination as well as their dexterity. Children aged 3 to 5 will be able to handle large bricks or blocks to build towers, castles or houses over and over again. Gear games require thinking and logic to make their mechanisms work: children aged 6 to 9 will have to face challenges to operate a whole mechanism correctly. With multi-construction games or Lego, they will follow activity sheets to create animals, vehicles or buildings, either at nursery school or at home, and then set out on their own to build complex and varied elements.

Marble circuits to learn physics while having fun

Marble track games are construction games that involve putting together pieces to create a three-dimensional course for the marbles. The marbles are then dropped at the top of the track and run down the course following various paths and obstacles such as tracks, slides, ramps, tunnels, turns and bridges. Marble trackscan include passages where the marbles hit metal bars or roll on a xylophone to produce sound and challenge the ears. There are many types of marble track games, with different shapes and levels of difficulty. These circuits are designed to encourage children to explore the basic principles of physics, gravity and kinetics. Children can experiment with different angles, heights and speeds to see how these factors influence the movement of the marbles through the circuit.

Magnetic and suction cup building sets

Magnetic and suction cup building sets are educational building sets that allow children to create structures using magnetic or suction cup pieces. Magnetic building sets consist of hardened plastic pieces with built-in magnets, which allow the pieces to be easily attached to each other by magnetic force. These sets can include pieces of different sizes, shapes and colours, offering a wide variety of building possibilities. Suction cup building sets are similar, but instead of magnets, the pieces have suction cups that allow them to attach to flat, smooth surfaces. The pieces can be easily removed and reused, making them an excellent choice for young children who like to experiment with different shapes and structures. These building sets are useful for developing fine motor skills and understanding mathematical concepts such as shapes, colours, sizes and angles.

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