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The garden becomes a magical playground: discover our outdoor games for children

Exercising, exploring nature, and having fun outdoors is a real joy for children! Discover our range of outdoor games for babies and children: ride-ons, scooters, wheelbarrows, gardening tools, playhouses and slides, throwing and skill games, balls, sand and water tables, motor skills and balance courses, or even playgrounds. Playing outdoors in the garden has many benefits for children as it allows them to develop their observation skills and awaken their five senses. As the seasons change, nature evolves and offers a different spectacle... sparking the curiosity of both young and old! To withstand the weather challenges specific to each season, outdoor games and toys are available in ultra-resistant wood or plastic.

Nature awareness: gardening, observation, and preservation

In contact with nature, children experience things more concretely. They can thus make observation experiments and discover the environment around them: small insects, plants... With gardening tools (shovels, rakes, buckets...), wheelbarrows, and observation games like wooden magnifying glasses, children can indulge in the joys of gardening and the satisfaction of seeing young shoots emerge from the ground. Finally, children sensitized from a young age will more easily integrate the notions of environmental respect and preservation of natural resources.

Rolling games for children: ride-ons, balance bikes, and scooters

Essential for embarking on adventures in the garden from a very young age, ride-ons, balance bikes, and scooters follow children's motor development and age. These rolling toys allow children to find their balance, develop their motor coordination, and practice their spatio-temporal references.

Throwing games, balls, and balloons for children

Outdoor balls and balloons allow toddlers to exercise their motor skills: throwing and catching a ball, passing a ball from one hand to another for hand-eye coordination. From a very young age, balls are interesting toys for babies to understand the limits of their bodies. Throwing games are part of traditional outdoor play. Whether it's rings, pucks, weighted balls, or soft flying discs, throwing games are particularly appreciated by children who can play them in groups and thus develop their spirit of cooperation.

Outdoor motor skills: courses for children

What could be more fun than scrambling around the family garden! Barefoot in the grass or sand, children exercise their motor skills. Later on, children enjoy the schoolyard to stroll on balance rocks, climb on a playground, or even gain height with a pair of wooden stilts... With our outdoor motor skills courses designed in 100% recyclable plastic, there are multiple combinations and levels of difficulty to allow children to progress safely and gain confidence.

Sand and water games: fun and educational outdoor activities

Pouring water, transferring sand, and repeating tirelessly are among children's favourite outdoor activities! Beyond the playful aspect, sand and water games have real educational value as they allow children to develop their sense of touch with sand, make their first experiences of flotation by dipping objects in water, and exercise fine motor skills with pouring activities. Available in different sizes, water and sand activity tables adapt to the age of the children and are designed to allow several children to play at the same time, thus promoting social interactions. In addition to outdoor activity tables, there is a wide variety of sand and water toys: shovels, buckets, rakes, sand rollers, imprint molds, water circuits...

Cabins, swings, and slides: must-have games for children

Cabins, swings, and slides are widely acclaimed by children, even from a very young age! Ultimate socialization spots, outdoor cabins allow children to gather in groups and build scenarios for pretend play or play hide and seek. Wesco cabins are made in France and are 100% recyclable. Swings and slides are play structures perfectly suited to develop children's gross motor skills. Accompanied by an adult to swing, the child exercises mobility and trains to gradually do it alone. With the slide, the child experiences different actions particularly interesting for their motor skills acquisition: sitting and sliding in balance, knowing how to land at the end, climbing up the slide in reverse using arm and leg strength!

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