Numbered BASE 10 CUBE

Numbered BASE 10 CUBE

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  • Dyscalculia
+ 6 years
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Particularly useful for numeracy and calculation activities, the cube is devised using the base 10 system. Children will find it easier to learn about concepts involving numbers, multiplication, fractions, operational mechanisms and, eventually, volumes.

Designed around the base 10 principle, the parts have unique numbered surfaces. The base 10 cube includes a transparent and graduated Plexiglas cube which can hold up to 1 Litre to provide an idea of capacity.


  • Dyscalculia

Technical data

  • Class
    Cycle 2
  • Composition
    1 Plexiglas cube (with a lid), 1 thousand cube, 10 hundred boards (of which 5 are numbered), 20 tens sticks and 100 single cubes.
  • Dimensions
    Cube: Side: 1 cm.
  • Made from
  • Color

Additional infos

  • Warning ! Must not be used by children under 36 months, small parts, risk of suffocation.

Specialist's opinion

What the expert says:
“When working with children with dyscalculia (or who struggle with maths), I like using material inspired by the Montessori method (coloured beads, numbers to build and base 10 wooden cubes). This hands-on multi-sensory (visual, tactile, kinesthetic) approach introduces mathematical concepts in a very progressive manner. From final year pre-school to final year primary school.” Leni Cassagnettes, Miss E and blogger at Maîtresseuh.

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