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Choose your racquet wisely!
The choice of racquet is based on the level and style of play desired (attack, defence, combination). More technical specifications, control trajectory, ball speed, artistic effects, games that are fast and aggressive.

Manufactured by the collaboration between Michelin and Cornilleau, this bat is impact-resistant. It has a non-removable coating and is also waterproof. Due to its monobloc construction, it is more comfortable and offers better performance while playing.

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  • Extremely durable and resistant! Waterproof. Anti-loosening plate system. Increased grip polymer coating! Shock-absorbing hard plastic handle!
  • Coating: raised surface
    Concave handle

    Control: 8 - Effect: 6 - Speed: 7.

Technical data

  • Dimensions
    L: 25.5cm - Th: 10mm - Weight: 170g.
  • Made from

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  • All of our products need to be used under adult supervision.

Specialist's opinion

The expert choice!
Table tennis involves periods of relatively vigorous play interspersed with short recovery pauses. “This activity therefore has the advantage of engaging the cardiovascular system and thereby strengthening endurance,” explains Sébastien Ratel (Lecturer and Researcher in Exercise Physiology at Clermont-Auvergne University) who also mentions the benefits for coordination, balance, agility, reaction-speed, situational awareness and peripheral vision.

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