ABACUS Numbers from 1 to 100

ABACUS Numbers from 1 to 100

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A very ingenious calculating tool for working with numbers from 1 to 20 then 1 to 100, and performing calculations. Just by rotating them, the grey beads become visible and marked with a number corresponding to their position in the number sequence. Seeing the number sequence and counting 2 by 2, learning to build ten (5 + 5), adding or subtracting are just a few of the aims of this abacus.

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  • Self-correcting, these abacus are ideal for familiarisation with numbers up to 20, then up to 100.
    The balls come back with a simple finger movement

Technical data

  • Class
    Cycles 2 et 3
  • Dimensions
    Side: 22 cm - th: 2.4 cm.
  • Made from

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