Age of use : + 3 years for use under adult supervision
61 288020


61 288020
Age of use : + 3 years for use under adult supervision
  • Made in Europe
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The first motor skill modules for children aged 3+!
An infinite range of versatile courses
Intro Val
In 1984, Wesco was the first designer and manufacturer to offer a range of foam motor skills modules. Designed in collaboration with occupational therapists, this range encourages the expression of childhood characteristics: spontaneity, naturalness, the need to experiment, to move...
Used singly or in a number of different combinations, BLOCmodules offer a multitude of possibilities, allowing children to master their motor skills using their whole body, develop their movements, take risks and sequence motor skills actions, etc.
Technical data
1 bench-beam, 2 U-shaped connectors and 1 landing mat.
Ground space: L: 180 cm - W: 120 cm.
Made from
using a soft cloth in cold soapy water.
Supplied with an educational booklet.
Tips for using
Indoor use.
  • Firm, comfortable foam: 24 kg/m³ density polyether foam for greater longevity over time: does not sag. Hygienic: the vinyl fabric is easy to clean with either a soft cloth or sponge and cold soapy water. Very strong fabric: Vinyl fabric on a jersey support, stitched all round with extra strong nylon thread. This covering does not lead to friction burns. Highly-resistant stitching: All our modules are sewn, with no zip fastenings, to avoid injuring children. Our “embroidered” stitching seals the modules, and prevents children from getting inside them.
  • Complies with standard NFS 54-300 : motor activity safety

    Complies with standard EN 1021-1 and 2: flammability of filled furnishings
  • Phthalate-free
Info +
  • All of our products need to be used under adult supervision.
  • The kit’s parts do not attach to each other.

    Dimensions of the BLOCmodule components:
    Bench/beam: L: 120 cm - W: 30 cm - H: 30 cm.
    U-shaped dual purpose frame: L: 60 cm - W: 30 cm - H: 60 cm.
    Landing mats: L: 180 cm - W: 60 cm - th: 7 cm.
Specialist's opinion
While crawling, stepping over, balancing and developing a sense of security and self-confidence, children over the age of 3 will learn to master their motor skills and acquire initiative and perseverance using these modules that are designed, developed and made in France!
Christelle, Designer at Wesco
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