TINY TOT Module The Grand Kit

Age of use : 1 to 3 years for use under adult supervision
62 152020

TINY TOT Module The Grand Kit

62 152020
Age of use : 1 to 3 years for use under adult supervision
  • Made in Europe
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Intro Val
Created alongside psycho-motor therapists, the Tiny Tot modules range has been specifically designed to promote the learning of motor skills and sensory exploration in children.
Perfect for playing on the ground or at a low height, our motor skills modules can be combined with each other in an infinite number of ways to create fun, sensory courses (colours, textures, mirrors), depending on what your child needs or wants.
Technical data
1 hill, 1 valley, 1 set of small waves, 2 Ø 24 cm cylinders, 1 soft wave, 1 x 4-wave mat, 1 x 2-wave mat, 1 x 90° corner mat, 1 Ø 12 cm cylinder and 2 half-moons.
Ground space: L: 168 cm - W: 168 cm.
Made from
Fitted with
Fitted with an anti-slip base.
with water.
Tips for using
Indoor use.
  • Very resistant vinyl fabric, easy to clean.
    24 kg/m³ foam: long-lasting and durable, will not lose its shape.
  • Soft and strong: For optimal softness and to prevent friction burns, these foam modules are covered in jersey-lined vinyl fabric sewn with very strong nylon thread.
    Safety: All our modules are sewn, with no zip fastenings, to avoid injuring children. Most are also equipped with an anti-slip backing.
    Hygienic: the vinyl fabric is easy to clean with either a soft cloth or sponge and cold soapy water.

  • Complies with standard EN 1021-1 and 2: flammability of filled furnishings
    Complies with standard NFS 54-300 : motor activity safety
  • Phthalate-free
Info +
  • All of our products need to be used under adult supervision.
  • This equipment for developing motor skills is used for supervised educational activities, free expression or under the guidance of qualified professionals.

    Dimensions of Tiny Tot modules components:
    Hill: side: 48 cm - H: 36.5 cm.
    Valley: side: 48 cm - H: 24 cm.
    Small wave: L: 72 cm - W: 48 cm - H: 24 cm.
    Cylinder Length: L: 48 cm - Ø 24 cm.
    Soft wave: side: 48 cm - H: 24 cm.
    4-wave mat: L: 72 cm - W: 48 cm - H: 10 cm.
    2-wave mat: L: 72 cm - W: 48 cm - H: 10 cm.
    90° corner mat: radius: 48 cm - th: 6 cm.
    Cylinder Length: L: 48 cm - Ø 12 cm.
    Half moon: side: 48 cm - H: 24 cm.
+ Pedagogic
Help the child to learn wide-ranging motor skills.
Encourage sensory exploration.
Specialist's opinion
Crawl, climb, slide, balance... Children can move around our courses in complete safety, designed to withstand thousands of children!
Christelle, Designer at Wesco
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