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L’envie de prendre soin de la nature, de sa maison et de son environnement est une magnifique opportunité d’apprendre et de s’éveiller au monde. Nous vous proposons de passer le pont et de cultiver cet élan à travers de nombreuses activités nature.

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Games and Inclusive Equipment for Children

In order to meet the specific needs of each child, Wesco offers a comprehensive range of sensory products and inclusive educational materials. For children with autism or those presenting behavioural and attention disorders (ADHD), Wesco selects suitable products in close collaboration with a team of specialized healthcare professionals. This wide selection of inclusive and sensory products helps facilitate oral and written communication, promote autonomy, concentration, self-confidence, and social skills to grow in contact with others.

Creating a Multisensory Space

Highlighted by the Snoezelen approach, multisensory spaces provide children with a secure environment conducive to well-being, sensory awakening, and relaxation. With visual, auditory, or tactile stimulations, the multisensory space is particularly appreciated for therapeutic purposes for children with special needs (physical disabilities or cognitive behavioural and attention disorders, in particular). Furthermore, the multisensory space remains suitable for all children (whether they have special needs or not) thanks to its educational and playful dimension. That's why multisensory spaces are highly valued in nurseries and early childhood facilities. With Wesco, find the essential sensory products to set up your multisensory space and allow the child to awaken their senses: bubble tubes, projectors, light activity tables, sensory cabins, white motor modules for white rooms, weighted blankets for children...

Encouraging Gross Motor Skills and Supporting Children's Sensory Development

In its inclusive product selection, Wesco offers different motor skills courses and accessories to support children's motor development and encourage them to always progress: sensory balls, sensory tiles, balls, weighted objects to work on movement coordination and gesture precision, balance boards for vestibular system stimulation... All of these gross motor products are of benefit in the children's rehabilitation process and are particularly appreciated by healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists, psychomotor therapists etc. By relying on their advice, these sensory products can also be used at home to maximize their effects on overall well-being and psychomotor development of the child.

Promoting Autonomy and the Development of Social Skills

To support children with motor or cognitive difficulties, Wesco offers a selection of products encouraging their autonomy in daily activities: ergonomic tableware for meal assistance, timers and schedules to help them navigate through time. Additionally, not all children have the same abilities to interact with others with respect, empathy, and kindness. Thus, some games can help the child develop their social skills and better manage their emotions: emotions picture book, emotion dolls, inclusive dolls, calm-down cushions...

Opening up with Art Therapy

Art is an excellent means of expression, especially for children who have difficulty verbalizing their emotions in writing or orally. Painting and drawing can also help develop their artistic side and unleash their imagination. Finally, in the context of certain art therapy, children are encouraged to manipulate with their fingers (painting, clay), which is a very good fine motor exercise to strengthen hand-eye coordination.

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