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School Supplies for Children

For the back-to-school season or throughout the year, explore our selection of supplies. On, you'll find a comprehensive range of stationery and school materials: notebooks, sheets, pencils, markers, paint, binders, glue, scissors, rulers, erasers, and more. To meet the needs and desires of both children and adults, we offer special selections: for teachers, inclusion, left-handed individuals, eco-friendly options, trendy neon and pastel colors. Finally, for educational institutions, an assortment of school supplies are available in bulk at a discounted price.

Pencils, Pens, Everything You Need for Writing

On, you'll find a wide range of writing supplies: pencils, mechanical pencils, pens, writing markers, permanent markers, dry-erase markers, chalks for boards and sidewalks, and highlighters. To support children in their early stages of learning to write, discover our selection of ergonomic pencils and writing aids such as finger guides and writing grips. These assistive devices enable children to have an optimal pencil grip, correct finger positioning, and a firm hold on the pencil for easier writing.

Notebooks and Various Writing Supports

In addition to our selection of writing supplies, discover our complete range of notebooks, journals, perforated sheets, and reams of paper available individually or in bulk (ideal for schools). On, we offer a variety of notebooks to meet the needs of all children: preschool notebooks for early learning, notebooks for visually impaired individuals, drawing notebooks, and more. Explore our different models of chalkboards or whiteboards that can be used with dry-erase markers.

Tracing, Cutting, and Gluing Materials

In wood, aluminum, ultra-resistant plastic, or flexible materials, find all tracing tools such as flat rulers, squares, protractors, and compasses. Various sizes are available for students as well as teachers for the classroom board. Cutting is a fine motor activity that develops and improves as the child grows, always under the supervision of an adult. Therefore, our scissors selection is extensive: initiation scissors, round-tip scissors, ergonomic scissors for left-handed or right-handed individuals. For both small and large crafting projects, there are also decorative-edge scissors, crafting scissors, 5-blade scissors, and cutters. Whether for daily gluing activities in the classroom or for more technically demanding creative projects, choose from our selection of glues, adhesives, and accessories. Numerous options are available: glue sticks, large-capacity liquid adhesives, adhesive rolls, tape glues, glue guns, staplers, and accessories for binding documents.

A Wide Selection of Paint, Brushes, and Creative Materials

On, discover a significant choice for creative workshops in the classroom: liquid or finger gouache, acrylic paint, brushes, stencils, sponges of various sizes and shapes, rollers, ink stamps, and more. To facilitate drawing and painting activities, especially for preschool classes, consider activity trays and drawing clips.

Everything for Sorting, Organizing, and Archiving

To easily sort and organize all your documents, choose from our selection dedicated to filing and archiving: compartmentalized organizers, flap folders, filing boxes, binders, dividers, display books, and mail baskets. All these products are available in different colors and materials (plastic, cardboard, paper).

Additional Products for the Back-to-School Season

To meet the needs of most school supply lists, our website has numerous additional products to equip both young and older students: dictionaries, calculators, bags and pencil cases, desk pads, pencil holders, small compartmentalized desk organizers, and more.

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