Sheet - Christmas baubles 2015

Age: 6 or over (adult supervision required) | Difficulty:  ★★ | Time needed: 25 minutes


You need:

And also:


AstucePlus Educational material

FC xxxx - xxxxxxx - TextPedago


  • Paint the inside of a bauble using the acryl spray. (Note: only adults may do this operation). Leave to dry.
  • Close the bauble and decorate the outside with Diams paint or Giotto decor felt tips. You can draw stars, snowflakes, or reindeer, for example.
  • To hang the bauble, attach a metallized thread in the colour of your choice.
  • FC xxxxxx - xxxxxx - et1
  • FC xxxxxx - xxxxxx - et2
  • FC xxxxxx - xxxxxx - et3
  • FC xxxxxx - xxxxxx - et4

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