Sheet - Christmas tree card to lace

FC Noel - SapinLacer19 - TitreFC Noel - SapinLacer19 - Titre

5 or over | Difficulty:  ★★ | 1 hour, 30 minutes


  • On a sheet of either Wavy or Metallic Cardboard, draw a circle 19 cm in diameter and then a triangle about 10 cm wide and 10 cm high.
  • Do the same on white paper (and set aside for the end)
  • Cut out the triangle and make holes using the punch clamp on either side of the triangle. Leave 1 cm for each hole and about 0.5 cm from the edge.
  • Pass the thread from one side to the other, then thread into each other from the bottom
  • Glue the pompoms and star as you see fit!
  • Cut the trunk into the different paper that’s either corrugated or metallic

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