Sheet - Snowball in bottle

5 years (with the help of an adult) | Difficulty:  ★★ | 2 hours (excluding drying time)


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    For the bottle (step to be performed by an adult)
  • Using a craft knife, open a plastic bottle crosswise and shorten it to the desired size.
  • Check that each part of the bottle fits well, otherwise refine the cut with a pair of scissors.
    For characters
  • With the modeling clay, make characters on the theme of winter or Christmas. Once dry, paint these characters in the desired color.
    For assembly
  • Place glitter on the bottom of the plastic bottle.
  • Place the figure or stick it on the bottom of the bottle so that it does not fall out.
  • To decorate the set, add adhesive tape and rafia to finalize the creation.
Decorate your beautiful Christmas tables!
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