Surprise bags for Saint-Nicolas

3 years | Difficulty:  ★ | 45 minutes


  • Cut a white sheet in 3 to make 9.9 x 11 cm strips. Fold them into an accordion and glue it on one side to form the beard.
  • Download, print and cut the hats out of the red paper.
  • For the hat: draw a cross with a glue gun with golden glue.
  • For the face: cut 3 circles with a diameter of 6 cm, glue a red pompom for the nose in the middle of each circle, frayed white pompoms for the hair, draw two black dots for the eyes and glue the beard under the red pompom.
  • Put the candies in the bags, close with yellow tape and let part of the tape hang over the side to make the cane.
  • To finalize the surprise bag: glue the head just below the yellow knot to open and close the bag without difficulty. Glue the hat on the hair and add 2 or 3 small rounds of wood under the beard to make the buttons of the coat of St Nicolas.

  • All that remains is to distribute the surprises.
  • FC xxxxxx - xxxxxx - et1
  • FC xxxxxx - xxxxxx - et2
  • FC xxxxxx - xxxxxx - et3
  • FC xxxxxx - xxxxxx - et4

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