+ 3 years | Difficulty:  ★★ | 1h30


You need:

And also:



Cutting, folding, lacing


    Preparation :
  • Use the medium-sized circle as a template and trace the outline:
    • On the cardboard. On the resulting circle, add 3 cm all around and trace a circle (resulting diameter of about 21 cm). Cut it out.
    • On the back of the mirror sheet. Cut it out.
  • Cut raffia strands approximately 8 cm in length.

  • Assembly:
  • Using a glue gun, attach the medium-sized circle to the cardboard.
  • Peel off the adhesive part on the back of the mirror and stick the sheet onto the medium circle, making sure there are no air bubbles. Be careful not to scratch the mirror during this step.
  • Take a few strands of raffia (to create a fabric about 4 cm wide). With the glue gun, apply glue to the cardboard, as close to the medium circle as possible. Immediately attach the folded raffia strands.
  • Repeat this step until you go around the circle.
  • Once the perimeter is completed, cut a jute string a little larger than the circumference of the medium circle (to easily make the final knot). String the beads randomly or create a pattern, depending on your preferences! Attach around the medium circle using the glue gun.

This mirror reflects the satisfaction of doing it yourself with a natural touch!

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