5 years old | Difficulty:  ★ | 2 hours


    For the keychain:
  • In the cork, cut out a circle of Ø 21 cm.
  • Download templates and cut out the mustache and glasses in the adhesive paper.
  • Then, cut out a piece of ribbon and hang it up above the glasses.
  • Under the mustache, stick the signage pins to be able to hang the keys afterwards!
    For hexagons:
  • In the cork, cut out hexagons of 18 x 21 cm (one side 10.5cm)

  • Several ideas are available to you:
  • To paint half a flower,
  • To paint triangles starting by sticking krepp adhesive tape to different areas to form triangles, paint empty spaces and once dry, remove the adhesive tape.
  • To paint a part in white to make two small lines below of two different colours.
  • Hang your creations thanks to the double-sided tape.

A beautiful decoration to offer
  • FC xxxxxx - xxxxxx - et1
  • FC xxxxxx - xxxxxx - et2
  • FC xxxxxx - xxxxxx - et3
  • FC xxxxxx - xxxxxx - et4

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