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Festival eggbox

Time needed: 40 minutes | Difficulty: 
  • Separate the bottom of the eggbox from the rest. Paint the inside and leave to dry.
  • Make a 1.5 cm slit in the back of each of the eggbox’s centre cones.
  • Cut out two 3cm x 5cm rectangles from a sheet of fancy paper and fold them in half.
    Cut these into crest shapes and glue both sides. Place the crests in the slits.
  • Do the same for the beaks. Attach the eye stickers.
  • For the hen’s tail, choose a different sheet of fancy paper and cut out two 11cm x 7cm rectangles. Fold these into fans and cut one end into round shapes. Glue them inside the back of the box.
  • Cut out two 11cm x 7cm rectangles from a new sheet of fancy paper and fold them in zig zag fold. Cut out a petal form in each zig zag fold, separate the petals and glue them to each other to create two fans. Glue each fan on the back of the cones.
  • Puncture the left and right ends of the box and insert the sticks.
    To keep the sticks steady, glue the holes and attach an elastic band around the bottom ends of the sticks underneath the box.
  • Cut a length of ribbon a little longer than the distance between the stick holes. Place a dab of glue on the ends of the ribbon and wind it around the sticks 1.5cm below the top.
  • Make a length of bunting by attaching pennant-shape masking-tape to a string every 3cm. Don't forget to leave an extra 10cm of string at both ends to make a knot just above the bunting.
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