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  • WELCOME to families

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Wesco it's more than just 40 years experience dedicated to children

Since 1975, we have worked alongside professionals of childcare for the happiness of the children!

Happy children
"To grow well" starts here, we want to be there to help accompany the awakening, motricity, development of the senses, the discoveries and the learnings of children.

Products for everyone
Since the creation of Wesco, we share a fundamental value, a mind open to the world and its plurality, that's why our toys are non-gendered, multi-ethnic, promoting openness to others, sharing and inclusion.

In order to play responsibly, all our products are controlled by our integrated quality laboratory and certified by approved external laboratories. Timeless and ultra-durable, Wesco products are built to last and to pass from generation to generation. Finally, to minimize our footprint on the environment, we design and select respectful products: 100% recyclable plastics, wood from eco-managed forests, French or European manufacturing… Our design and distribution approach is ISO 14001 certified.