+ 4 years old | Difficulty:  ★★ | 45 minutes


You need:


  • On a sheet of tissue paper in the color of your choice, trace 2 circles slightly larger than the diameter of the roll. Cut them out.
  • On both circles, glue a piece of ribbon in the center. One will be used to hang the piñata, and the other to open it by pulling.
  • Apply glue to the top edge of the roll, then attach one of the circles.

  • In 5 tissue papers of your chosen color, cut squares so that they cover the surface of the toilet paper roll.
  • Fold each square in half, and then again by 1/3.
  • On the 2/3 section, cut fringes.
  • On the remaining third, apply glue using the glue tape. Place the first piece on the lower part of the roll.
  • Repeat the process with the other pieces, moving gradually upward until reaching the top of the roll.

  • Once the roll is completely covered, apply glue to the top part and then attach a piece of pom-pom trim in the color of your choice.
  • All that's left is to fill the piñata with treats and close it by applying glue to the bottom part of the roll and covering it with the second tissue paper circle made in step 1.

At the carnival or during a birthday party, these colorful mini piñatas will delight the little sweet-tooths!

  • FC xxxxxx - xxxxxx - et1
  • FC xxxxxx - xxxxxx - et2
  • FC xxxxxx - xxxxxx - et3
  • FC xxxxxx - xxxxxx - et4

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