Dia SHED Fixing plates

Dia SHED Fixing plates

50 062020
  • Made in Europe
  • Recycled materials
18 months to 6 years
for use under adult supervision
€2,603.72 €3,202.58
Estimated restock date 26/07/2024

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Created for play, designed to last<
Evolve your universe: Sheds, structures, accessories to com

These outdoor play modules were designed to create a playful, graphic space by immersing very young children in a variety of worlds: from the cosmos to the microcosmos, medieval times to the plant world, our explorers will easily use their imagination to safely bring these settings to life. Under the compulsory supervision of an adult, children have fun while developing their physical skills and curiosity by climbing, sliding and discovering transparency (portholes) and a sense of height and risk (walking, slope and slide).
Climbing to new heights: children often enjoy being high up. It gives them a chance to tower over people and see the world from a different angle.
Sneaking around and exploring: children move over, under and around to satisfy their curiosity.
Sliding: children enjoy fun new sensations as they glide.


  • Recycled materials.
  • In accordance with norm EN 1176-1
  • Fire-retardant
  • About 60% recycled metal.

Technical data

  • Dimensions
    Indicative fall height: 0.19 m. Ground space: L: 131 cm - W: 130 cm. Safety zone: L: 431 cm - W: 430 cm. Required cushioned area: 15 m² (not included and not compulsory).
  • Made from
    HDPE HPL panels
  • Tips for using
    Outdoor use.

Additional infos

  • Gaya HPL Panels - 10-year guarantee Our high pressure laminated panels (HPL) have many qualities specifically for outdoor use : dimensional stability, rot-resistance, weather and moisture resistance, UV treatment. All these technical aspects guarantee long-lasting colour and high mechanical resistance. Solid pine sleepers and boards - 10-year guarantee The Gaya range is natural and resistant, as are all of the boards and sleepers made using solid pine wood (autoclave class IV). In natural colour or painted, they are designed to last. Treated, laminate pine posts (class IV) - 10-year guarantee To ensure they are durable, all our posts are made from autoclave treated wood. This wood has been deep treated to protect it against environmental damage : insects - fungi… As the wood is in contact with the ground and frequently becomes damp, it is given a class IV treatment to prolong its durability and to prevent it from rotting. The treatment offers extra and effective protection against bad weather. The posts in the Gaya range are laminated so that there are fewer knots, which, as well as ensuring a strong structure, also prevents the risk of splinters. With a diameter of 80 mm, the posts create a solid base for building our structures. HDPE roof - 10-year guarantee Made from moulded and dyed high-density polyethylene, the roof is UV resistant and will withstand poor weather conditions. Designed as a single unit with technical and mechanical properties, it will stand the test of time without moving. Hardware and fixings - 10-year guarantee All of the brackets in the range have undergone a galvanizing and thermal coating process to avoid any risk of corrosion. Stainless steel brackets also offer the best protection against rust and ensure a strong and durable connection between the different elements. Plastic accessories - 5-year guarantee Gaya accessories are made of dual-layer UV-protected polyethylene that is light-resistant. The parts subjected to heavy loads have been designed to be robust and durable. Portholes and bubbles - 2-year guarantee Made from PMMA, these elements guarantee high-quality transparency and resistance. Finishing parts - 2-year guarantee Our finishing parts are made using high-density polyethylene and polypropylene. Made by injection, they guarantee child safety and durability of the wooden structure.

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