CLIMB Up Mobile Risk takers

Age of use : + 3 years for use under adult supervision
60 674171

CLIMB Up Mobile Risk takers

60 674171
Age of use : + 3 years for use under adult supervision
  • Made in Europe
  • Wood sourced from eco-managed forests. • Recyclable materials • Recycled materials • Supplied flat-packed to reduce transport and the impact on air pollution.
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Designed for climbing from a very young age!
Intro Val
CLIMB Up, the first range designed to offer a safe climbing area from nursery to pre-school! Supervised by an adult, toddlers enjoy making use of the cork holds to climb at their own pace. In so doing they develop their physical abilities, curiosity and self-confidence.
Technical data
1 small module, 1 medium module, 1 large module, 1 lid and 4 Mosaic mats.
Ground space: L: 2.5 m - W: 2.5 m.
Made from
Varnished PLYWOOD.
with a soft cloth with cold soapy water or with our cleaner.
Delivered flat-packed, do-it-yourself installation.
  • Practical: all the modules are stackable (up to 1.25 m maximum). So you can position them however you like.

    3 modules = 6 different heights to adapt the level of difficulty to the child’s progress.

    Safe, quick and easy assembly.

    Drop height: 1.2 m.
  • From eco-managed forests Recyclable materials.
    Recycled materials.
    Responsible delivery.
    Climbing holds made of recycled and recyclable cork.
  • Complies with standard NFS 54-300 : motor activity safety
Info +
  • Please note: 1 lid required for each set of modules.
    Adapt the height of the drop to the age of the children: + 42 cm for children over 24 months and + 60 cm for children over 3 years.
  • This equipment for developing motor skills is used for supervised educational activities, free expression or under the guidance of qualified professionals.

    Dimensions of the kit components:
    Small module: W: 60.5 cm - H: 24 cm.
    Average module: W: 68.5 cm - H: 44 cm.
    Large module: W: 76.5 cm - H: 59 cm.
    Lid: W: 60 cm - H: 7.9 cm.
    Mosaic mat: L: 96 cm - W: 48 cm - th: 4 cm.
+ Pedagogic
Develop their physical abilities.
Develop curiosity.
Gain self-confidence.
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